Financial Derivatives Protocol

 Puts and Calls on any Ethereum and BSC asset

DeFi options trading for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

Self-create markets for any Ethereum and BSC token 

No-capital-required settlements using flash swaps from Uniswap

100% DeFi 

Non-custodial smart contracts to buy/swap options and create new markets

Open-source code with bug bounty and auditing throughQ2 of 2021

Simple options trading without the broker

By combining Flash Swaps with self-made order books, the little guy can be a whale + any token can enter the world of derivatives.

Hedgey is launching #DeFiDe 

(Decentralized Financial Derivatives)

Jump on a moonshot or hedge impermanent loss 

Whether you're hedging against impermanent loss or making moves on a future moonshot, flash-swap calls let you take big swings and not miss out on locked liquidity. Calls go up when tokens go up.

Get paid for buying the dip

Instead of setting a limit order buy on a DEX, sell a put and get paid upfront premiums. If the price goes down, you'll get your token on a dip. If it doesn’t, you keep the premium and your capital.

Protect yourself from the dip

Heavy on a coin? Locked up in staking? Traders often buy puts to protect their longs against price drops. Puts go up when prices go down. 

A new way to lock tokens, build trust, and get funding

Introducing the Initial Options Offering (IOO). Build trust from day-one by using calls to lock and sell tokens at set milestones while earning premiums for short term funding. 

Powered by $PAR

Parachute launches real-world products that bring old finance into the future. $PAR is the governing token of Hedgey. In Q2 of 2021, 80% of all Hedgey fees go to $PAR governance contract stakers. 

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